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31-Jul-2017 20:49

As he sat down, he saw that the show’s crew was busy arranging the set for tonight’s show, and the show’s curvy co-host – Bambi “Triple Double D” Buchanan was warming up the crowd.Joe had the biggest crush on Bambi, last week’s celebrity guests had been Pamela Anderson, Stacey Valentine and WWE’s Debra, but Joe had barely noticed them when he’d watched the racy episode, his attention almost exclusively devoted to the show’s busty co-host. She was dressed in an ultra low-cut white tank top and a matching white micro-miniskirt.“You look divine tonight Bambi,” said Kent warmly as he put an arm around Bambi’s waist and pulled her in close as they begun their usual opening banter. “I think you better show us the puppies Bambi,” Kent said, trying to look as serious as possible.“Thanks Kent,” Bambi replied sweetly, she gasped slightly as Kent pinched her backside. Bambi gave a shrug and then reached up to her halter.There was a police woman, an Indian, a nurse, a woman in lingerie, a cowgirl, a sexy maid, a spacewoman, a nun in a particularly revealing outfit, Wonder woman and a Robin Hood style outlaw. ” The ten models all curtsied gracefully towards Kent and then stroke purposefully towards the studio audience. The beautiful models would select ten men at random to take part in the first round, the general knowledge questions.All the costumes were skimpy, low cut and displayed plenty of curvy flesh. The ten would then be eliminated down to three men for round two and then one man for round three.

Joe had won a place in the studio audience after filling in an Internet survey on one of the porn websites he subscribed to.

Joe saw that the lucky old man who had already had Bambi sitting on his lap earlier on was now being selected my the sexy woman in lingerie to take part in the show, lucky bastard!